• Projects have become more complex, riskier and shorter in duration –

    “Immaculate Planning Is The Key To Successful Execution”
    Integrated Project Management Solutions - Concept to Commissioning
    Project Planning & Scheduling - L1, L2, L3 Level
    Project Monitoring
    Project Controls
    Real time online project update
    Easy and customized reporting
  • Projects involve higher stakes –

    “Faster Information Exchange Imperative For Quick Decision Making”
    Faster and more accurate Information exchange
    Online integrated project management software for monitoring and control
    Automated Management Information System - MIS
    Delegated multi user interface for real time and reliable update
    Comprehensive dashboard with anytime anywhere access
    Faster issue identification and resolution
  • Risks are camouflaged Opportunities –

    “High risks give higher returns with proper risk mitigation plan”
    Effective Risk Management
    Anyone can identify and register risks leading to early identification
    Brainstorming for risk mitigation measures by the team
    All team members are aware of the risks involved
    Better tracking of risks through Project Monitoring software
    Quantitative risk analysis using simulation techniques
  • Are your Project activities spread across various geographical locations ?
    Do you find it difficult to track your project progress ?
    Are your project reports inconsistent and irregular ?
    If your answer to any of the above questions is YES...
  • Baseline presents New age

    Web-based INformation Gathering Software for Tracking Analysing & Reporting
    Seamless and Real Time assimilation of project data
    Delegated responsibility of project execution and reporting
    Unbiased and factual project status assessment for better decision making
    ‘ Trust ’ based Project Management

The most effective Project Management Software Check out our options and features included.

Collaborative Project Management Solution –
An innovative approach by Basel!ne